Senin, 12 November 2012

Hard Again

Our blogger bud over at free2b, in a post about some erotic audio books he's been enjoying lately, made a statement about men's aging process and how it has an effect on our bodies. It's a known fact that the older we get the more time it takes us to get a rip-roaring hard-on again. The refractory period will vary from one guy to the next, from a few hours to a full day. It's also why, when I was in the military and asked some of the guys why they jacked off, attended the circle-jerks, and fucked every chance they got. Being horny was only a very small part of the reason. Most said they wanted to use it as much as possible before they lost the ability to attain a hard-on because of age.

There are many, many reasons men lose the ability to get a decent boner. Pure age is not a factor in it at all. Our over-all health is the real culprit. Given general good health, you could be 110 and still pop a stiff log of hefty wood. It may be hours between, but it can still be raging, concrete-busting, hard.

The length of time between being able to empty our man-berries is offset though. We make up for it in experience and knowledge. We know how to draw it out, make it enjoy the incredible sensations in our cocks. Students of edging learn those lessons early.

Yes, there are times we must blast that load quickly - the need is that great, or time is that limited. But, for the most part, we want to extend the period of our cocks standing hard, quivering, pulsing, shivering with excitement for as long as possible. The ultimate reward - the blasting of our baby batter - becomes more and more exquisite as we learn to take our time and hold off.

My stepmom (not to be confused with my biological mother who never acknowledged cock, let alone boners) asked me once, "My God! how long can men handle being hard, stroking or humping their asses!" I laughed. "Mom, as long as it feels good; as long as we possibly can..."

"...Because when we finally cum, it feels indescribably good!"


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