Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

What's Your Stance?

Last week a Faithful Reader sent me a question regarding new innovations in men's portable "facilities" and asked my impression of them; more specifically if I felt these lacked a sense of respect and dignity for us guys. There appears to be a growing industry taking advantage of men's mew-found freedom of embarrassment, ostensibly to "process a greater number of users."

I do promote men being more open and unashamed of what they were born with and how the package functions. Yes, I do. And I know there are plenty of guys who will not only piss anywhere out in the open, not giving a damn who witnesses it, but will actually get aroused by it from a sense of exhibitionism. There are also people, men and women, who enjoy watching a guy take a whizz from a voyeuristic standpoint (for some odd reason I can't explain, I'm one of those). Then, of course, there's the whole golden shower thing which doesn't interest me at all.

I can - if the need is extremely urgent - pretty much piss anywhere out in the open. And I have. Such was the case during the last Lotto Fever when I pulled into the parking lot, jumped out of the truck, and couldn't get my pants open fast enough! A car pulled in next to me and there I was, pecker in hand with a full stream splashing the ground. The couple never said a word. There was also the long road trip to a Body Electric seminar... I finally had to pull off to the side of the road, and with cars going by, to piss. And there was the nude cruise, where we had to piss off the back of the yatch. And a road trip with my wife and a female friend when I finally couldn't take it any more and told her, "Pull over, I've got to take a leak. I mean now!" And there was the work gig last year in Texas where we had no choice but to whizz out behind the building.

But, mostly, I'm pee-shy. Now, I know this is more from a safety issue. There's something about standing at a urinal which puts us guys at our most vulnerable: backs exposed to attack with our cocks in our hands. I don't think I'd be any more comfortable using one of these new-fangled pissers. And I do think these things show a lack of respect for men's privacy and sense of dignity. Not all men are comfortable pissing in public like this.

And here's the latest:

The new P-Tree Urinal... Here's a video and the guys don't seem to be having any reservations about using them, no hesitation at all, even with random people stopping and taking pictures while they're using them.

What do you guys think? Are you okay with using one of these? Does it bother you that anyone can see your cock in your hand while you're standing there letting it rip?

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