Senin, 29 Oktober 2012


To all the new Faithful Readers who've signed up to follow over the last four (or so) weeks! Thanks for joining us here at the Big Whack Attack. Hope you stick around and have some fun.

It was a very nice weekend spent with my brother and his family. No, unfortunately, there was no opportunity for the two of us to get together to enjoy a session. Particularly since his prostate removal. Though he did see a sex therapist who taught him how to still manage to get his cock upright and get his rocks off, it's not an easy task for him. It takes a good long while.

Anyway, I hope you all had a very relaxing weekend. Since mine was so extraordinarily busy, today I'm just gonna chill out. Maybe read a good book. But, there will definitely be time for a nice, long, satisfying wank later this afternoon. Enjoy today's chillaxin' dudes.

As our good friend AOM would say... Here's a Parting Shot:


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