Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Stoke It Up

And get ready for the weekend!

My brother and his entire family will be in for a visit this weekend. Only the third time he's visited in over 30 years. We had such a great time when we were in our teens; stroking our cocks together at night in our shared bedroom, jacking off with our buddies whenever the opportunity arose (which, of course, was often!). That was despite the severe beating with a razor strap he'd gotten when my dad became aware of his penchant for whacking off. 'Course once a guy experiences the blast of cum shooting out the end of his cock, and the wonderful feeling of the lightness of his balls after they drop back down into place, you certainly ain't gonna stop him. Once he's discovered that pleasure, that relief, it's a foregone conclusion: Whenever his cock starts to twitch and stand up, gets rock hard begging for attention, and starts to ooze pre-cum like a running faucet, he's gonna be getting his rocks off at the first opportunity. Whether he's alone or with a friend or a group of buddies... Married, partnered, single, gay, straight, or bi, young or old, eventually, his cock will not be denied.


And I say, Go for it!


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