Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Pec Cancer Awareness Month

Okay... So I changed it from breast to pec; so sue me! I know I've told you all before that men do get breast cancer too. And every so often, along with the Buddy Ball Check,

I encourage you to check your pecs. Need more convincing to do that pec check once in a while? Here's a piece out of an recent article I found:

In August 2011, John Craig Carrell got out of the shower in his Henderson home, stretched, and felt a lump on the right side of his chest.
"Is this really a lump?" he asked his wife.
It was, and he got tested. A year's worth of surgery, chemo and radiation followed the breast cancer diagnosis.
Now cancer free, the retired 73-year-old physicist said he has become an evangelist for men checking themselves for the disease."

Here are the most recent stats on the issue:

"Men have a one in 1,000 chance of contracting breast cancer in their lifetime, according to the American Cancer Society. The number of new cases in men has gone from 1,970 to 2,140 over the past year, and deaths among males rose from 390 to 450."

That's an increase - you got that, right?

"Carrell has never been embarrassed about saying he has a disease that most people associate with women.
"Why should I? Cancer is cancer. You don't want to die from it."
Carrell, who taught at colleges in Georgia and Illinois, regularly emailed family, friends and science associates across the country about his journey, calling it "Craig's Cancer Chronicles." "

Here's a very disturbing development:

"When Carrell went to his urologist to have his prostate checked, he told him about his breast cancer. The urologist was so taken aback, Carrell said, that he said his medical group may start screening men for breast cancer."

May start? MAY start? Jesus wept! Guys, this is important. Check your pectorals for lumps once in a while. Do your part to spread the word like this guy does.

" "I'll be in a line at a grocery store or anywhere and bring it up with guys," he said. "I hope I save some lives." "


Guys, if you don't combine this with your ball check, at least do one when the women in your life do theirs.

Ladies, when you do your self exam - you do, right? right?? - it wouldn't hurt to get the guys in your family to let you check theirs. Especially since you ladies probably have a better idea of what to look for.

Hey, you never know what it could lead to...

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