Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012


...on the opposite coast, we have a formerly liberal SanFrancisco banning public nudity. It's important to note that California does have a state law which bans nudity, however it's up to each individual city to enforce. The difficulty, or soon-to-be-crime is, according to Supervisor Scott Weiner, "... a near-daily nudist colony, while fun for the nudists, is anything but for the neighborhood as a whole.” At least that's the take in 'family' papers.

In other venues, Weiner has been more explicit in his reasoning. Citing the increasing use of "cock rings and other gential jewelry intended to draw a person's focus" is the main problem. The Castro District las long been a place where indiviual liberty and expression is accepted but, it would appear the end of accepted nudity is nigh. And that's a shame.

In other news, a local radio station got a call from a listener who "caught her husband surfing porn and masturbating" and wanted to know if that constituted "cheating." The morning DJ's put the question to listeners on a FB page.

That question exploded with comments. Thankfully, all but a tiny handful (perhaps the pun is intentional) said jacking off is a normal, healthy activity for men, whether they are married, single, or in a relationship of any kind.
Only one respondent came back to repeatedly rail against the practice - but she gave herself away as another religious zealot when she stated it was never acceptable under any circumstances. Oh, I pity any man she gets involved with. And my heart bleeds for any male children she may have the misfortune to raise.

Perhaps we are making some headway in the fight to acceptance.


Because, as we've pointed out before, both the medical and mental health professions have stated, and numerous studies have proven, the benefits are many and the detriments are zero.

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