Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012


Had a nice dinner with my brother and his family last evening. I know the time with them will go by quickly and they'll be gone before we know it, just as the good times we had goofing around as kids was so fleeting!

I appreciate hearing from you all very much. And you've left some wonderful comments and emails about brothers growing up and jacking off together. Some of us were more lucky than others in that department. I can say having a brother who taught me the ropes of enjoying my own cock as well as others was great.

I can think back on what we shared, and what we shared with our buddies. And, as I've grown older and been able to experience that comraderie and sense of brotherhood with other men, it's made me appreciate the experience even more.

It makes me appreciate the wonder of that which defines us as men and makes us all Brothers.



Have a great weekend, everyone!

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