Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

Sifting Through the PA

It feels like I haven't posted in months, even though it's only been a week. It's been a tough one though. I realized this morning a deep depression crept up on me. The only way out is to get busy; set to daily tasks with full presence of mind and paying attention to what you're doing.

So, the subject at hand - well, okay, cock is always at hand, isn't it? - was PA's; Prince Alberts. The responses were numerous. It's been quite a job sifting through them, but essentially everyone has had the same experience. And not a single response was negative - It would seem a dick piercing provides enhanced pleasure, has few downsides which are easily overcome.

One downside is learning to take a leak standing up because the piss stream does split. It seems some guys have learned to correct their aim for the most part - occassionally drips and drools will end up on the floor or on their legs. Other men don't worry about it and just sit down on a commode so they needn't concern themselves with it.

Another learning curve is in stroking, but once the piercing healed completely and they got used to the jewelry it actually enhanced the pleasure of jacking off.

One guy said he found that after he got his PA he began leaking precum like a dripping faucet. This is most likely due to the increased stimulation to the head and frenulum. But, whatever the cause, most guys love drooling like this. The more the better!

I could really go on, but one buddy from a forum where I posed the question gave me a very well-thought, very detailed response. And with his permission, I'm posting it in its entirety. If you are thinking about getting a PA - or any other cock piercing for that matter - Doc's response is the definitive guide.

Thanks, Doc!

And huge thank you's to everyone who responded, either by comment or email, or via forum elsewhere. Without my Faithful Readers, the blog wouldn't even come close to being what it is.

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