Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Nobody Took the Bait

LOL!! Well, to answer my own question, then... I've never gone scuba diving, let alone do it naked. And I've never gone bowling naked - though, for me, it sounds like it could be a really great fundraiser for an AIDS foundation... or maybe for a gay homeless shelter.

Anyway... I've gotten an Ask Pat question about aging as a gay man. The title of today's post matches the situation perfectly! As we age, even if we've kept as much of the six-pack as possible, retained most (if not all) of our hair - though bald is considered really hot now - and tried our best to carry ourselves with confidence and pride, we still get overlooked.

But, please don't think it's restricted to the gay community. This is rampant throughout the species! Older men look for younger women; women now are not frowned upon nearly as much for wanting younger men.

We are a very youth oriented society. Even trying to find a job - as I can testify from personal experience - gets tough.

Why? We've still got an awful lot we can contribute. Perhaps, even more so: We've learned some stuff that could come in mighty handy. But, especially when it comes to sex, we all love to ogle the young men. The smooth, tight, skin; the virileness of the instant hard-on, the staying power. The ability to cum and cum and cum.

I love looking at the younger crowd of naked guys. But it doesn't mean I pass up the older, more experienced ones.

So, before I address the question of what I think this man could do... Let me hear from all of you. Whether young or old, I want to know your thoughts on the subject.

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