Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

We Knew, Didn't We?

Well, it was bound to happen, wasn't it? I'd just finished some minor chore in the house while the yard guy was finishing up out back and figured it was pool time. I grabbed my iced tea, stepped out the back door, left the glass on the patio table and grabbed the pool net...

I strolled to the edge of the pool and he walked around the corner of the house. Well, at least I wasn't standing there with my cock in my hand taking a piss like the last two times! LOL.

We gave each other a wave and a "good morning;" he went about his work and I went about skimming grass clippings off the surface of the pool.

Once I finished, I slid myself up onto the floatie - ass up - until my backside had dried in the sun. I flipped over and was arranging my cock when he again came around the corner of the house. He walked to the edge of the pool and started a conversation. There was no sense of embarrassment on his part - or mine (when would I ever be ashamed of being naked?). We talked for about 15 minutes, during which time I told him he was welcome to strip down and get in the pool any time he was here and wanted to cool off. He asked if I was sure. "Of course! It's got to be very hot doing the work you do. Feel free to get in any time."

We'll see if he takes me up on it. He's a nice guy, Hispanic (which may explain his casualness with nudity), and is sometimes difficult to understand, but if I really pay attention and he goes slow enough we don't have any problems. And before anyone gets on my case: Yes, he's here legally. His son used to help, but he needed to find a better paying job and I don't see him much anymore. But he's sure helped his father with the English - when this guy first started about 18 months ago pretty much all he knew was "hello."

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how this guy reacts if he comes around the corner one day while I'm lounging around with a cock as hard as the rocks in the yard. Chances are it'll be the same as with seeing me taking a piss out there, or my dick flopping in the breeze and floating on the water.

Of course, there is a chance he could come around the corner of the house to see this:

But, wouldn't it be nice if all of American society would get to be this accepting of the male body?

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