Selasa, 03 Juli 2012

The "Big Announcement"

The big news rocketing around the world yesterday seemed to be Anderson Cooper's acknowledgement he's gay. Well, it should have been no big surprise to anyone. He is the kind of classy guy who just simply lived his life; he felt no need to declare his sexual preference. Yes, it's a part of who he is, but that is true for all of us humans on this planet.

I commend him for the way he did it as well as the "why." To make asumptive accusations about a person's sexuality is not a kind thing. We may think we're doing them a favor, but many, many times - especially when it comes to celebrities - it's not really news at all. Like Neil Patrick Harris - people thought they could kill his career by "outing him" when, in fact, his career has really taken off because of it.

I may lose some followers because of this stance. If so... well, I'm sorry about that. But, I still maintain a person's sexual preference, orientation, or whatever you wish to call it, is inconsequential. We're "sexual beings" period. What we find arousing spans such a humongous arc across the specturm... We should all simply allow one another to "be" and stop making such a huge deal about it.

Women are still going to think The "Silver Fox" Coop is hot because he is! He's also one hell of a good journalist - and that's who and what he is: A journalist. People are still going to enjoy Neil's performances because he's a good actor, because that's who and what he is: An actor.

Let Anderson enjoy his cock in whatever manner he likes (so long as he's not causing harm to anyone else). Because, and I can promise you this, he's going to let you enjoy yours in the way you most enjoy.


With a friend...

Or in a big group...

Our cocks are there for our enjoyment and we should be able to do so without being judged.

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