Senin, 02 Juli 2012


The Big Boner Hand award is typically reserved for those sites that promote masturbation. In recognizing them for encouraging men in such healthy activity I honor them - well, in my mind it's an honor! - with the Big Boner Hand. One of my female Faithful Readers, Amanda, commented on one of last week's posts with a site she thought deserved recognition.

And, though it's not Buddy Ball Check Day the site deserves recognition for doing some very good, important work! Work that's so important, in fact, it shouldn't be put off until the 15th of the month.


The website's main function is to increase awareness using humor about balls. I love it! Males in general will joke about thier man-berries - yeah, from the time we're little guys 'til the day we die - but they'll rarely, if ever, have a serious discussion about them. Which is kind of wierd if you think about it. Our twins down there are pretty damn important for things besides manufacturing our swimmers for our baby batter mixture. The Boys are also responsible for producing Testosterone, which not only assists in building good, strong, rock hard boners, but maintaining muscle mass, and keeping our energy levels up over our waking hours.

Besides providing valuable information about this cancer, and raising money for research, they have an on-line store with fun things you can buy (like wristbands and T-shirts) to help them spread the word about the importance of Ball Checks! Take a cruise on over and check them out - Um...I mean the website - I can't guarantee the folks running the site will want you checking their balls...

Then, without further ado...

Big Boner Hand Award

And a very sincere Thank You to Amanda for bringing the website to our attention.

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