Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Just as Intended

Well, now... I think I do have reasons to celebrate. Based on my theatrical experience, I've got an interview coming up next week for a stint in marketing for a company that is still young but beginning expand, and oddly enough it has to do with the male anatomy! If they like my ideas...

Then, to top it off, the BWA welcomes more new Faithful Readers and has now topped the 300 mark. And, along with that, we're now steadily getting over 2,000 hits per day. Pretty amazing to me! I'm thrilled and honored this many folks would want to drop by and read what I have on my mind each day.

'Course, I would think it's terrific, wouldn't I? The more folks who become better acquainted with the male apparatus, learn to care for it all properly, give it the loving attention it deserves, the better! Right? Of course, right!

And the less ashamed and embarrassed of it, the more willing they'll be to share the information so more and more guys (no matter their orientation) will have healthy, working cocks. And, I really hope, the information will be shared with the next generation(s) so they will understand at a younger age how to take care of what nature supplied, understand how it works and that what it's doing is functioning just as intended. The harder, the better. Then more often, the better.

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