Kamis, 19 Juli 2012

Head Health

So, I've been contemplating this since my wife came home and brought it up. A guy she works with - and don't ask me how she gets into these kinds of discussions with male co-workers! maybe because she's not embarrassed by the functioning of dick - this guy told her he was attempting foreskin restoration. She asked if it was for aesthetic purposes (for looks). Nope. He said it was because the head of his dick had lost all sensitivity - it takes him hours (he says, literally) of continuous stimulation to cum.

Well, you know me... I had to offer up my solution. I'm assuming she went back to him with the information.

We cut guys face a challenge, we certainly do. One that our uncut brothers don't: The head of the [cut] cock is exposed at all times. Contact with clothing soaks up all the natural oils produced by the two teensy, teensy glands on the shaft (just below the head, on the top side). The constant rubbing against material causes callous buildup - just like with any other skin.

Here's my question for you guys:

If there was an over-the-counter remedy which would, over a 3 to 6 week period, soften and remove the callous and restore and maintain the sensitivity to the head of your cock - would you buy it?

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