Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

Summer Exposure

Well, summer has definitely hit here in the States. As David Bromstad extolls in an HGTV commercial, "It's the time of year when clothes come off and everything gets sexy." And with temps in Denver, Co, of all places, already hitting triple digits, people are exposing more to the elements.

As you know, I'm all for letting it all hang out. I'm naked as much as possible - even in the winter, though I tend to stay inside where icy-cold breezes don't make my balls shrivel up and my dick to go into major shrinkage mode. If I ruled the world, nobody would have to worry about being arrested for "lewdness and indecent exposure" because I find nothing about the body - male or female - to be "lewd" and certainly never "indecent."

It always does my heart good to see men who are not ashamed of what they were born with; what makes them men. Whether it's the bulge in the pants (like the guy in the hair salon last night in his thin, cotton bermuda shorts), the dick snaking down a pantleg (like men I've seen in stores), or guys walking around the locker room unashamed of their cocks and balls swinging (at the various gyms I've gone to over the years).

I admire guys who frequent nude beaches (like our buddy over at Queer Heaven) or go out on the water and strip down to enjoy the sun and breezes (like the nude cruises I've been on).

A word of caution, though, guys: The skin tone of your cock and ballsac might be darker, but they can still get sunburned. We now know that too much exposure to the sun can increase your risk for skin cancer. And you wouldn't want to end up in surgery with a doctor slicing off parts you want to keep and enjoy! Slather that SPF sun block on your cock, nutsac, and perineum too! Protect those major assets!

And I'm impressed with guys who can go into a men's restroom without partitions, haul out the junk, and take a whizz with everything in full view of anyone who hapens to be in there (admittedly, I still sometimes have difficulty in taking a piss when I know someone else is there watching). Which brings up an interesting point: Why, for God's sake, do uncut guys not pull back the foreskin when they take a leak??? Can somebody answer that for me, please?!?!?

You've got your cock in your hand already, how much more difficult can it be to roll the hood back a little bit? The piss runs down into the folds and ferments. Maybe some precum mixes in with it from that boner you got while you were surfing porn during your lunch hour. Not only does it create an odor - which, after numerous trips to whizz over hours, can linger when you've already left the area (hey! you may enjoy the scent, but most people don't find it all that inviting) - but it's one of the major causes of infection. Bladder, prostate, or seminal tract, even testicular infections are not pleasant things. If you're an intact dude, we're happy for you, but learn proper hygiene. If not for our sake - for your own health.

Bottom line: Take care of your cock and your cock will take care of you.

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