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I apologize for the lateness; blogger severs seemed to be having major issues.

Yesterday's post is a perfect segue into a phenomenon a Faithful Reader brought up last month in the middle of our marathon jack-off celebration. And that is stroking cock together; in particular, straight dudes. Now, I don't know if he gave it try based on any posts of mine...

As happened with a previous Faithful Reader, the end result left him feeling... well, to quote him, "It was the most disgusting thing I've ever done." I responded that at least he wasn't afraid to give it a go. And his response to that, "I do love jacking off!"

Yep. We guys certainly do love it. I think one of the mistakes straight dudes make is grabbing a handful of some other guy's hard-on the very first time out; they end up with a handful of some other dude's jizz and their own dick goes limp in a matter of a heartbeat. Whereas, the typical group of horned-up straight friends sitting around watching porn will keep their hands to themselves. They'll certainly enjoy the show of their buds pounding away at their stiff peckers and massaging those aching nuts, and passing the bottle of lube around the room. They'll absolutely enjoy the sight of everyone as they spray themselves down, drenching their torsos in a rain of hot cum. (Pass a towel, please...)

And it'll stay that way a few times, until one guy's curiosity will get the better of him and he'll think, I wonder what it would feel like to have another guy's cock in my hand. Slowly and timidly, he'll inch his hand over to the guy next to him. The fingertips might touch a thigh and pause. Then the palm gets placed on the leg and pause. Then it'll lightly rub the inside of the thigh for a while before it makes its way to brushing fingers against the balls. And finally, it'll wrap around the base of the shaft and give it a light squeeze and... the realization is, Huh! It feels like mine.

And the mutual begins. Still doesn't mean anyone has turned gay or has suddenly become bi. Nope. It just means he enjoys stroking a hard cock. He may also come to realize it's very cool that he knows exactly what his buddy is feeling and experiencing, that he knows precisely what to do and when to do it.

Maybe the first time his buddy blows nut it may seem... odd, I guess, to have warm, slick cum on his hand and know it's not his own. But, the feeling of having provided a jack-off bud with such pleasure will normally turn that thought, in fairly quick succession, to, Huh. Feels just like mine.

That's because, if you closed your eyes and thought about the sensation in your hand, except for a few minor variations - perhaps in size, or cut vs uncut, or maybe a slight curve - there's no difference to the feel. Your hand stroking up and down a hard cock is your hand stroking up and down a hard cock. And the feel of hot, slippery, jizz is the feel of hot, slippery jizz.

That, folks, is the explanation I've heard from a whole lot of straight men on their transition from just a group of guys getting together to watch porn, drink beer, and jerk off (what we called in the military - that is, once a few of us had gotten married - Stag Parties) to mutual jacking.

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