Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

And, so...

...we began the official Men's Health Week 2012.

I hope everyone will do their part to study up. Men's Health Week is about getting healthy, but it doesn't mean you give up everything you love. Have that drink - in fact studies have proven one alchoholic drink per day - particularly a glass of wine - is good for you. Enjoy that steak or burger. Eat that bowl of ice cream (especially now that sumer is here!). Lay out naked by the pool or on the beach and get the Vitamin D the sun provides. Denying yourself the pleasures may make you healthier still - but at what cost? Just don't overdo it. Everything in moderation is the key to living a long, healthy, happy life.

Spend a few moments each day this week and assess yourself. First thing in the morning when you wake up is a perfect time to begin the assessment. You're naked - or you should be. If you've been a Faithful Reader here at BWA, you know I don't condone clothing below the waist when sleeping. Okay - for the new folks - here's the scenario: You wear pj's, or underwear, to bed...you fall asleep...your cock gets a raging hard-on...it gets caught up in the clothing...you roll over...it cracks...you just broke your boner! And you may not even realize it until the next time you pop wood. You wonder, Now, why does that part of my dick hurt? Why is there a little bit of bruising? You figure maybe you got a little more carried away with beating off, it'll heal up in a day or so. And, yes, it will... But scar tissue will form as it does so...resulting in a bend in your boner. Maybe it's slight, maybe its severe. It's still Peyronies; you've damaged your prized possession.

Most guys aren't even aware they've done damage...and, in fact, the majority of bent boners can be attributed to childhood damage inflicted as above. A slight curve is normal and natural, but do your best to keep your straight arrow from being damaged. And pass the word to the men in your life.

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