Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Let's Celebrate!!


A month-long celebration of pleasing yourself, getting hard, stroking to your hearts delight and cumming buckets! The perfect excuse to not be shy or embarrassed about it. Do it. It's good for you. It keeps the plumbing in good working order and that's really all the excuse you should need. Don't believe me? Ask your doctor, he'll tell you the same thing: It's normal and healthy! It increases your heart rate (cardio), improves blood flow to the tissues, reduces stress, relieves tension, reduces the risk of prostate cancer; it's a terrific sleep aid! It keeps fresh, new swimmers moving increasing fertility. What more reasons do you need?!?!

So, find a spot - any spot - get that cock boned up good and stiff and hard as a tree trunk and enjoy it.

It'll be a month-long celebration over here at the Big Whack Attack. Stroking boners and buckets of cum.

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