Senin, 09 April 2012

The Straight Answer

A faithful reader sent me a message. I'm so grateful to hear from guys like this. He and his college dorm mates are a shining example of guys who have moved beyond shame and/or embarrassment by their need (and enjoyment) of jerking off. And they are living proof that sexual orientation has nothing to do with kicking back with your buddies and enjoying one another's cocks. As he puts it, that sense of men being men and not judging is cool.

Since I get so many emails from straight, gay, and bi guys alike, all asking how to broach the idea of stroking one out together I asked him if it would be all right is I shared his email. The locations and names have been changed to protect their privacy.

'Hi. I am a M, 19, at college in the northeast. Living in a dorm with 5 guys. All of us are straight and not to sound like a prick we have pretty reasonable success with the ladies. I feel saying that I have a gf back home in the mid-south but as a young guy i have tasted some of the lovely fruits on offer at campus.

Anyway recently we took a trip to see a concert in another city, the 5 of us. We got stuck on the way back and only had enough money to stay at some small hotel - all in one room. Wasn't a big deal since we'd shared like this before when camping. Anyway we obviously couldn't bring girls around
after drinking at a bar that was happy to serve us, we got to the hotel and it was obvious at least 3 of us were horny and 2 bulging. We are close and had seen each other's morning wood before but I don't we'd ever caught each other jerking.

Anyway, my friend "Milo" said he was taking his laptop to beat off in the bathroom and drunken me pipes up that we'd should just all beat off. To my surprise everyone agreed. We were shy at first but watching the hot girl get boned got us all fired up. Shorts came off and lube passed around while we jerked. "Milo" is the really hung guy (most of us are around 7" but he's 9") then simply reached around to my cock and started stroking. No one said a word and before long we all helped each other.

We got talking about it while stroking. How sometimes you wake up hard and just wish someone would stroke you. Well, we now comfortably help each other every now and again in the morning.

Definitely not gay myself and I think the other guys are straight too but it has made us closer roommates and fucking hell it feels good to just lie back and enjoy and give a guy the same.

I used to feel bad about porn use. I didn't use it often but learning that other guys my age also use it, that we share it is cool. A sense of men being men and not judging.'

After my initial response with 'Right on!' and my request to share their experience, here was his response:

'Can I just say what a relief it is to be able to read about guy stuff honestly. Like, I feel as a young man still trying to understand myself it's a relief to hear men talk. Like, at our dorm, no one is shy about jerking off in front of our big tv watching some porn. Before we would hide in our small rooms. Now we are comfortable and even still tease each other. Grin '

This is how I think all men should be together. Comfortable enough in their own masculinity to enjoy their dicks and being guys together.

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