Rabu, 04 April 2012

Solid Ironwood

Have you ever had a boner so hard it hurt? That's what I've been dealing with - waking up in the middle of the night with my cock so hard it seemed I could've pile-driven a hole in the concrete patio, or maybe through a granite wall.

It's so full, engorged beyond belief, so stretched in girth and length I think it exceeds my normal (which is pretty decent already) by a good long shot. You guys know how incredibly rock-solid hard your cock gets just as you're about to cum, in the split-second instant before that first spurt rockets out? It was stiffer than that. You know how there's a flexibility right at the base of an erection; you can push or pull it down? I couldn't even do that!

And to top is all off, my prick has been dripping pre-cum like a leaky water faucet. All day long it's been a constant drool, leaving a big wet area in the crotch of my 501's. All night to the point I think I'm sleeping in the wet spot after having sex with my wife and blowing a really gusher of a load.

No amount of stroking out load after load has seemed to make any difference either. It's like my cock thinks its sixteen again, my balls are hanging heavy like they haven't unloaded any cargo in weeks. I'm lovin' the big, drenching fountains of cum, lovin' the bigger profile of my dick, and lovin' the (almost) perpetual hard-on. Even when it's not standing up, it's still at a semi-bone giving my crotch a nice big, pronounced bulge. I'm not complaining, mind you, but I could do without the pain it brings on when it's that hard.

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