Selasa, 17 April 2012

Renewed Debate

The debate over those proverbial 'happy endings' has been renewed. No doubt due to the debut of the Jennifer Love Hewitt Lifetime series The Client List. If you haven't caught this yet, give it a spin. Basic plot line: In order to support her kids and pay the bills after her husband walks out on her, she works as a massage therapist at a spa where guys who want 'the full treatment' are assigned to those therapists who are willing to go the extra mile for big tips.

I found the renewed debate on a Forum Poll. Most guys admitted they develop a hard-on during a massage and wish they all ended this way. One (obviously young) guy expressed it happened recently during his very first massage. His dick got hard and the massuer took care of it. The kid didn't know how to react properly and then the massuer freaked out, got all upset, and apologized for taking the liberty. 'Course the kid didn't try to stop it when it was happening. LOL.

For my part, I tend to agree with more than a few registered massuers I've been to: "Ejaculation (or orgasm for women) is an integral part of relieving every ounce of tension and stress in the body. Without this release the tension of everyday life has a tendency to rapidly rebuild itself. It has to do with the release of natural chemicals into the body which leave us feeling relaxed and lends a sense of well-being. And my job is to send a client back out into the world feeling good."

Thank God! Because I don't know about the rest of you men out there, but I get a rip-roaring, raging boner every time I get a massage. Doesn't matter whether it's a man or a woman doing the work, my cock gets hard. As with most guys, when I've got a hard-on I am nowhere near relaxed.

I think most male therapists are more understanding of the phenomenon and are therefore more willing to provide the complete release without blatantly asking for money. It appears most guys' experience bears this out; the women always increase the price for the 'added service.' For me, this is the line between a massage and prostitution. It makes sense then that more female than male therapists get arrested.

I always, always, always warn any new massuer: "Sorry. I hope it doesn't offend you, but it's going to happen; I'm going to get an erection." The typical reply has been: "Don't worry about it, it's very common." And the last two massuers I've had took very good care of me and never bumped up the fee. Naturally, I always add on a nice tip.

The most recent one is additionally trained in neuromuscular disease and added: "It's a physiological response. Your body is relaxing and it means I'm doing my job properly." As I got dressed after the first visit, he asked if there was anything about the massage I didn't like. No, it was perfect. "You'll find that taking the extra care in ensuring complete tension release will help in managing your condition."

Which side of the debate do you agree with? Is it prostitution or therapy?

Is it massage?

Or, is it a hand-job?

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