Kamis, 12 April 2012

Real Men

Do I have any readers out there in the blogosphere? If so, I have a REGULAR - as in NON-PORN - blog I'd like to share with you:

This author-friend of mine is trying to get some excitement built up around his debut novel. It's an urban fantasy 'bromantic comedy' he entered into the Amazon Breakout Novel Award contest and it has actually been progressing upward. Out of worldwide submissions, it's now one of only 250 still in the running for the Grand Prize (a publishing contract with Penguin Books).

Anonymously, I'm trying to help him out here.

So, come on folks! take your Non-Porn-Identity-Ass on over to have a look at the blog. There you will find a direct link to the Amazon contest entry. If you have a Kindle, or the Kindle App for your computer, you can download and read the first 3-to-5 thousand words for free!

And then go back and leave a review for the judges. Let them know you liked what you read and you're just itching to read the entire book.

Here's some incentive for you: If you do, these guys will think you are red-hot sexy!

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