Senin, 02 April 2012

Oops. Did it Again

Holy crap... I did it again. This is two weeks in a row, now isn't it? Or maybe there was a week in between... This dude is gonna start to think I'm doing this on purpose. And I'm not - I swear!

I swear I thought the yard guys were done and gone. I had just finished posting and I had to piss something awful. I also needed to fix a dripline to some flowers. I grabbed my new line and the head and a pair of scissors, went out the back door, dropped it all on the patio table and literally ran to the rocked-in area. Pulled my cock out and let it rip. And the yard guy walked around the corner of the house.

This time he stopped in his tracks and said. "Oh sorry."

I waved the hand that wasn't holding my cock and told him, "Oh, don't worry about it."

He stood there and watched me finish, shove my dick back into my pants and button up. Then he showed me a problem with the system for the grassy area behind the pool.

If there was any doubt in his mind last week about being able to take a whizz in my back yard it's surely gone now! LOL!

Jesus, Lord Almighty... What will go through his head this summer when I'm out there lounging around naked as a jaybird...

...or floating in the pool with a semi-boner...

  Or comes around the corner of the house and I'm naked and stroking away on my boned-up cock...

or just as I'm blasting a load of jizz all over myself...

I can only hope the thought that enters his head is "Typical guy...jacking off."

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