Selasa, 24 April 2012

Men's Room II

Two comments from yesterday's post were right on the money. Our good friend Lord Patrick over at MenMenMen mentions that it's a whole new ballgame (no pun intended) when the urinal is a long trough. Then an anonymous commentor touched on the issues and rules of engagement under those circumstances.

Indeed, things change when you discover the only option available is a trough-style fixture. Of course the stall is always a choice. But, let's imagine you walk in and the stall is already taken. What to do? You stand at the opposite end of the trough (or put as much distance between you as possible) and angle your body away from the other guy; and no talking. (Unless, of course, as I mentioned yesterday, you happen to be in a place where looking and maybe even touching could be expected.) A quick glance to check out the dick is normal and damn near automatic. If it's crowded - like the men's room in the Barstow Station in Barstow, California,'ll just have to grin and bare (and bear) your meat. And oddly enough, talking is permitted in this situation - mainly because it's a nervous-reaction attempt to draw attention away from the fact that we're all standing there, shoulder to shoulder, with our cocks in hand. Some guys who are extremely piss-shy look for other alternatives - like maybe taking a leak in a little nook out behind the building (I've witnessed this happen).

Anon also notes that should we find ourselves in the great outdoors, the rules change quite drastically - for most of us, anyway. For some reason, pissing outside becomes kind of a game if we're in a group. Suddenly, standing there with your pecker in your hand watering the foliage (if there is any) is nothing to be shy about, you can look at the neighboring cocks as long as noone looks for too long a time, and talking is common; joking about taking a whizz outside is the usual topic, mainly about how much easier we have it than the ladies when we gotta take a leak and there are no facilities (or we've choosen not to use them!).

Semi-boners are quite common in this situation, but oddly enough it's rarely mentioned.

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