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Is Jacking Off In Marriage Wrong?

So, last week I mentioned one Faithful Reader had sent me a link to a blog. I promised I would go peruse and report back. This blog, purportedly written by a man, is so full of delusion it's amazing. I still question the gender of the author specifically because of statements like this: "...I had trained my brain to get turned on by stress." The author proclaims we should announce "I JACK OFF!" to our spouses, to not make this announcement is lying. "You may say that she has never asked you about your masturbation habits; thus you have never lied." Huh? What?? And, finally, this statement: "Those who do, (but who [sic]) are disconnected from reality." Really?!?!

Granted, the series of posts on masturbation in marriage is old (September, 2008), but newer posts have an extreme bent to them. I gotta say, if I smothered my wife as this individual instructs we'd be at each other's throats with butcher knives. And this line of thinking pervades the entire blog. If it truly is a man writing this, he's a seriously repressed person. I can't call him an "individual" because he has no sense of self - every thought, word, and deed is focused on how to please the wife; no expression of self is evident to me.

How sad for him. How sad for the men (and women) who buy into this attitude. I know there are plenty out there despite the plethora of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and marriage counselors in some very well respected journals who encourage not only masturbation, but go into depth on the importance of having a sense of self. How can one be a contributing partner in a successful relationship if one doesn't contribute to oneself? If you can't please yourself, how will you ever please another? A successful relationship requires a person know how to care for him/her self, to be happy. Yes, I've heard the old line "Happy wife, happy life." But, you know what? If that's all that's important it's a doomed relationship unless the man is willing to give up his interests, likes - his entire identity.

Every self-respecting mental health professional will tell you masturbation is good for you - both mentally and physically. And even more so for men - it reduces high blood pressure, reduces stress, reduces the risk of cancer. Many sex therapists will prescribe mutual masturbation for couples; watching your partner pleasure him/herself, doing it side-by-side, doing it to each other all adds to our knowledge of our own likes/dislikes as well as learning more about our partners enjoyment.

How's this for a proclamation: Ladies, your husbands jack off! It's good for them, which means it's good for you, which means it's good for your relationship.

The blog author even goes so far as to say that, once you marry, your body belongs to your wife, it is her property. Bullshit! I thought we had left "ownership" of another human being behind during the women's movement of the 60's and 70's.

Guys, if your wife/girlfriend/partner asks you if you polish your knob, admit it openly without disgrace. First of all, it's your body; your cock, your balls and they belong to you.

Normally, I would provide the link so you could go read and make up your own minds. However, as rabid as I find the rhetoric over there, I don't want to take the chance of that person lodging a complaint and having this blog taken down (again!). And I fully believe it would happen when they became aware, through Data Stats, this blog was originating traffic.

Let me reemphasize - popping wood, whacking it, and cumming is natural, normal, and healthy. Now, go enjoy yourselves.

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