Jumat, 06 April 2012

In Honor

In honor of Passover, Good Friday, and Easter, I wanted to add a little levity to the season because it always seems (to me, anyway) that the world takes on such a solemn cast. So, here's some stuff, just for fun to lighten the mood and lift things up.

Try a can of Erektus to help you get it up

The graphic-novel that leads our youth to beat off over muscle mags in adulthood 

Clean up after yourself - so the wife doesn't get pissed

For practicing between buddy jack-off sessions

If you love cock but don't want the world to know
Now this is the way to prove your point, men
Gives a whole new meaning to "Choke the Chicken"
Pretty much defines a man's wants
Yes! The roomie jacks off!
Did I mention we like our ballplay?
Nobody to dock with - try a pipe!

Yep, that's pretty much what's on our brains - our cocks!

No dumping allowed!
Multi-tasking at its best

Please, sir! Don't make me go in...You want my balls to freeze off?
Take one, cum breath!

Oops...my pants fell down.

Grading the new recruits stroking ability
Ahhh, the single life of a young man

This could be posted pretty much everywhere!
Oh, kids these days!
Saves time and those sore jaws
I'll sign up for that!
Oh, yeah - party on, Bro!
Go suck an egg!

Or two

May you rise to full glory on Easter morning...

Make the most of it...

And end up with a big smile on your face...

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