Jumat, 27 April 2012

I Did - Sort Of

Last Friday I told you my wife had suggested I get into porn; start my own website, do a solo film shoot, get into directing porn films, whatever - just to get some cash coming in. In the meantime I did a lot of research into websites. It's not cheap. And from everything I could find, the market is so glutted the return isn't so good anymore. Even 'click-throughs' don't generate any real income.

So, after some discussion, and realizing I'm too old to be naked on film. 7.5" cock or not nobody is gonna pay to see an old fart like me beating his meat; there were other considerations as well, but suffice it to say we ruled that out.

Instead, I contacted Corbin Fischer about working off-camera, either directing or producing. And offered our house for location work. So far, there's been no response. Maybe they didn't take me seriously... Maybe I need to be a little more pushy. Whatever. I'm positive I could direct some very nice solo, or buddy and group jack-off stuff if they'd give me the chance. Whatcha think???

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