Senin, 02 April 2012


Well, I didn't even come close to the winning numbers. But bless those who did. I hope they enjoy the windfall, share with those less fortunate, and don't fall prey to the cons that will crawl out of the woodwork.

Had the strangest, most vivid dream in a long, long time last night. It was so real I woke up in the middle of it. And had the biggest, hardest boner I've felt in months. Huge and so hard it damn near hurt. It may have something to do with having caught the last hour of Boogie Nights - the old film with Mark Wahlberg and scenes of him jacking off (of course all that was in the frame was his arm motions) in front of a bathroom mirror and then trying to get hard enough to jack off in some guys truck for money. Then of course, if you remember, the guy's buddies show up and they beat poor Mark to hell. Sad. Then the final scene where he whips out that fabulous prosthetic cock...

In my dream this really hunky dude approaches me and we talk. Before you know it, he's groping my crotch. He gets me hard and leaking in minutes playing with my cock through my jeans, kissing my neck... I grab his cock which is hard. Then we're suddenly transported from the street corner where we'd been groping to his bedroom. We're naked on his bed and stroking, teasing, rubbing cocks and squeezing balls. We get torso to torso and we're having this great sword fight with our hot pokers, jabbing at one another's nuts and jacking one another. I blast a humongous load of cum all over his cock while he's pumping it to beat the band. Just as he yells out that he's going to cum all over me, his wife pops into the room and goes ballistic. His jizz is flying through the air and she's chasing his naked ass all over the place beating on him. I'm struggling to stuff my hard-on into my jeans and button up and she turns on me and jabs these long, sharp fingernails into my sides.

Now, here's the strange part: The entire time she's not pissed off that we've been jerking off together, she's thinks I'm from another world! Honestly. She's screaming about him cock-playing with "a guy from over there" and that "he should be sticking to his own kind."

Hm. Now what do you make of that?

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