Kamis, 19 April 2012

A Collection of Wood

Guys just love being naked, letting the goods air out and breathe. Nine times out of ten, of course, this will get the twig sprouting to a limb and then into a trunk. And, my, oh, my! how we love our wood! As Michael said recently over at Queer Heaven, we know women don't quite understand it no matter how much, or how many different ways, we try to explain it. Sporting a huge boner - the way it looks, the sensations generated through it, the pre-cum that drools from it, the cum shooting in explosive blasts - is one of the most base indications we've achieved manhood. And it's why and how the term 'manhood' got adopted in place of the word penis. It's so powerful a thing that we men are judged by it - and not simply because of the size. Think of how proud a guy is when he announces his spouse/partner is pregnant - he's declaring, "I've got a cock and by God! it works! I've proven I'm a man."

It's also suspected that guys with the biggest bulge behind the zipper not only attract more women, they generally get the best-paying jobs and more promotions. It's not something that happens intentionally - no, it's a subconscious thing. The bigger the better; size does matter. And we love showing that bulge off. And lots of men love showing off their naked, wooden swords. Well, thank the powers that be for the digital age. We all profit from the proliferation of guys showing off the wood on the internet.

My collection of wood has grown. Enjoy!

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