Selasa, 10 April 2012

20 Reasons

(By Request)

20 Reasons Why Handjobs are Underrated.

1. Because someone else making you cum is more fun than having to do it yourself.
2. You can read your copy of Freshmen with both hands.
3. You save money on condoms.
4. You can leave your shoes on and it's not considered rude.
5. You can cum and go quickly.
6. Because you can't practice giving yourself head - unless you've been blessed; in which case, call us!
7. You don't have to put down the remote.
8. You can't get crabs from a hand.
9. It's okay if the guy has small hands (hey, that only makes you look bigger).
10. No teeth marks.
11. All those lessons on static and kinetic friction from Physics 101 finally come in handy.
12. Everybody can say they give good hand.
13. It's never mistaken for some kind of invitation to spend the night.
14. You can do it almost anywhere. Almost.
15. It isn't considered rude if you decide to finish it yourself.
16. You finally get your money's worth on that hand's free headset for your mobile phone.
17. You can tell people you're a handyman and actually be telling the truth.
18. For once, it really doesn't matter how big you are, it's how well you move.
19. There's less clothing to put back on if your roommate comes home unexpectedly.
20. It's better than nothing.

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