Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Well, look...

...who's been back since the middle of the month. It's our old bi-buddy, Scott, over at

I've put a link to his blog on the side bar again under More Blogs.

But when he decided to stop posting he told his followers. And since I discovered that this morning, it got me to wondering what happens to some bloggers. I mean, some of my favorites have simply...stopped. Been out of it for 3 months or more. And, being the kind of guy I am, I honestly wonder what has happened. And as CoreyJo at Corey's Dark Corner can attest, my mind conjures up all kinds of awful scenarios! Have they been in an accident? Have they become seriously ill? What!?!?

Anyway, good to have you posting again buddy! You've got a great deal of perspective to offer, even though some comments are always ragging on your ass.

You seem to handle those negative comments with the proper attitude. And your posts give straight, bi, and curious guys a chance to explore and understand the way their cocks pop up for...cock. It's not unusual and there's nothing about it that's wrong. It's meant to be enjoyed.

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