Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Strange Briefs

Okay, I know this gonna seem like a strange topic for the blog, but it's on my mind so what the fuck.

Briefs. They're on my mind. Mainly because I need to get new ones and I can't find anything that doesn't leave my crotch feeling like it's been packed into a glove three sizes too small. Why is it - especially with the male designers who you'd think would know better - there's never enough room for the equipment in these so-called "pouch" underwear?

Honestly, I've tried so many different brands and styles over the years I could've started an underwear museum. Maybe 12 years ago, I found E2U's - designed by a woman - that fit perfectly. A pouch designed specifically and precisely to fit the male anatomy. It held you in place with a light support, yet didn't scrunch your dick. They went out of business - not enough sales.

I searched for a few years until I found Skivviez brand Pouch Selection trunks. Another great fit as long as I ordered the largest pouch. Then what happens? I need more, I go back to the online store - gone!

What's a guy to do? Calvin and so many of the men designers tease you with promises of the contoured pouch for "gentle support without the scrunch." And it's bullshit. And you can forget about any room for those spontaneous boners during the day.

I can't handle boxers - don't like the goods flopping around - I'd rather go commando. But freeballin' in a pair of work dress pants isn't appropriate.

So I ask you: Who's got the scoop on a great pouch designed garment? One that will hold my cock and balls gently in place in a natural hang? One that won't make me feel like my balls are in a vice? One that won't make my cock feel like it's being crammed in?

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