Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

Road Trip Bone

Yesterday ended up being a roadtrip to a little town just across the state line to buy Mega Millions lottery tickets for my wife's boss; they, of course, were at work. What was supposed to be a 45-minute wait, turned into 5 hours-45minutes of standing in line.

The 1-hour-plus drive had me squeezing my dick to keep from pissing my pants after all the coffee I'd downed to wake up and the iced tea I'd taken with me. I kept thinking I've gotta stop...I've gotta stop...I'm gonna piss myself if I don't pull over. I made up my to do just that, take my whizz on the side of the road no matter how many cars went by, and the little town popped into sight over the crest of the hill. I pulled into the parking lot, got out of my car and...pulled my dick out of my pants in the nick of time. It's a good thing I was comando - all I needed to do was pop the buttons on my 501's. The engine was still running, a youngish couple pulled in next to me, and there I stood with my cock in my hand pissing onto the gravel. Neither one of them made any comment and I got into line right behind them.

Within the first 90 minutes of waiting, word spread that the restrooms had backed up; the system had been over-stressed. All the guys took to pissing in the parking lot I'd already christened - including the guy who'd pulled up next to me. The poor women complained it wasn't fair that we men could just go stand between a couple of vehicles, release the beast, and let it rip. But I did notice more than a few women leave the line and their heads drop down between cars, so a few of them were smart (brave) enough to squat and drip-dry.

All that whipping my cock out in public to piss and seeing all these other dudes with their cocks in their hands kinda made mine stiffen up. Early on in the drive home the roughness of the road vibrated my pecker in my pants. I opened the buttons of my jeans to relieve the pressure of it pushing against the fabric. It sprang out and that's where it stayed for the entire drive home. I'm sure more than one trucker on the interstate got a good gander at my prick poking up from between my thighs. Oh, well...I hope you enjoyed the view guys!

I was so tired and sore. My wife got home and finished dinner, we ate, and then she filled the tub up with hot water for me to soak my weary bones...and, of course, my cock added its two cents to the boneyard. I gave myself a nice, slow hand job, splattered a huge load of jizz all over myself, and relaxed for a while. More than an hour later, I rinsed the cum off, dried myself and took my still half-hard dick to bed. Slept like a baby.

Now I can only hope the numbers hit. What? You think I didn't buy a few tickets for myself since I was there? To steal a line from The Hunger Games (albeit altered a teensy bit): "May the odds be ever in my favor!"

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