Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Piss Follow-up

A buddy of mine taking a whizz break at a pool party.

After I posted yesterday, my curiosity got the better of me... I had to go check. And, sure enough, there behind the row of bushes was the telltale soaked ground and what had streamed down the wall was barely visible but there.

It's not the first time I've been seen with my cock in my hand after (or during) taking a leak outdoors. The most memorable have to be from my younger, more fit days. I used to love to go hiking in the summer months in the state and national park. It always surprised me to find I wasn't the only guy who enjoyed slinging his clothes around the neck, or waist,  enjoying the sun on my cock and the wind on my balls. I'd could spend hours out there as long as I'd thought to bring water. Though I usually tried to find a semi-private area when I had to take a leak, sometimes folks would stumble upon me. Not much you can do when your pissing and someone walks up. Sure, you can squeeze off the stream - which I did the first few times - but what's the point when the wetness is obvious? After that I'd just wave or say hello. 99% accepted the need for relief, would respond in kind, and go on about their walk without a word. Even if I had a big boner starting, which used to be the norm for me in those days. There was just something about being totally naked and taking a leak in the great outdoors that made my cock stand up.

I may have posted about this before, but what the hell. One particular occassion, I found a nice large boulder a bit off the trail and took my whizz. When my cock stood up as I was clearing the last bit, my hand just kept stroking along the shaft. I leaned my ass against the rock and went for it. Just as my nuts pulled up and my cock exploded a guy comes walking around the bend. I looked up and he stood there stunned, mouth gaping open. Hey, all I could do was smile and shrug and finish what I was doing. We may be able to squeeze off a stream of piss, but stop those blasts of cum? Nope. At least I've never been able to do that. Especially not when they're shooting out that strong.

Funny thing was, later on in the day as I stood on a high outcrop taking another leak I saw movement down below. There was that same dude, jacking off like the world was going to end. I watched until he dropped his load on the ground and went on my way - smiling the whole time!

Anyway, now that the gardener knows I take leaks in the back yard, hopefully he won't think he's got to hide in the bushes anymore when he needs to take a piss. Unzip, pull it out, and let it rip. Makes no never mind to me.

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