Senin, 19 Maret 2012


Ever had your cock in your hand when you're not expecting anyone to be around? LOL! just happened. I was out in the back yard, wondering what happened to the beautiful sunshine. I had unbuttoned my 501's, hauled everything out to take a much needed piss. (One of the advantages of being a man, right? We can take our dicks out and piss anywhere when we need to.) My was stream arcing out and the puddle forming the suds... I heard a muffled voice and thought the neighbor behind me was out in his back yard... No big deal, the walls are plenty high - there's no way he'd see over. I'm stuffing my cock and balls back into my pants and the gardener pushes through the bushes talking on his cell phone. Lordy me! Well, what's a guy to do? I greeted him as if nothing was out of the ordinary, he stared at my crotch while I put everything back, looked down at my foamy puddle and finally snapped out of being stunned. Well, at least now he knows if he needs to take a leak I've got no problem with him letting loose in my yard! 'Course, for all I know he could've been back there taking a piss himself!

There was such a great response to Friday's post. And Anonymous did send a message...basically saying he was quite happy with what he saw. Evidently, so was everyone else! I didn't have anything specific ready for today. How about just a big stack of wood to warm you all up on the last day of winter?

What is he listening to that has him so bonered up?

And what would a post be without a little nectar of the gods?

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