Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

I'm Back

Well, I'm back from the chilly, windy Florida Gulf Coast. Does that tell you anything about the skinny-dipping activities? Top off the cold and wind with water temps of 70F and it was a bit too cold for my liking - and my balls would've disappeared completely! My mom suggested we could take a naked dip in the heated pool - if we cared to wait until after midnight once the complex had gone to bed. (...yawn...)

Everyone had a good time at the birthday party - I manned the grill for the burgers and dogs. My brother and I once again shared sleeping quaters and I once again indulged alone a few times. I felt guilty being able to kick back on the sofa bed and enjoy myself, slowly stroking out a load, with my poor brother lying there watching with a dick that just wouldn't cooperate with him. Though I did offer to lend a hand like we did when we were kids. He declined - this was even after he'd introduced me to his favorite porn site, Adult FriendFinder. But, unload I did. After a nice, long session and feeling my cock get harder and harder, my balls pulled up and I spewed a giant load of cum. It may have been the added stimulation of having an audience, but it sure felt good. And falling asleep with my hand still sliding up and down my slippery dick was icing on the cake (or should that be cum on the cock?).

Anyway, it was a good trip. Things should get back to normal now - which, of course, means no post for the next two days. But here are a few pics to keep all you horny guys busy over the weekend.

Have a great weekend - and chill.

Or hang out with some friends.

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