Senin, 12 Maret 2012

Gay for Pay, or Bi?

So, the other night, my wife and I finished watching "Game Change" - the docudrama about Palin's run for VP. After the film ended, HBO ran an episode of "Real Sex." We've enjoyed watching this every once in a while, especially when it covers something different like Bisexuality.

One of the most sought-after and highly paid porn actors in the 80's was Jeff Stryker. Huge cock and probably the first to admit he did gay porn because the money was so good; he received $50,000 for one film - that was a pretty good paycheck back then for a couple days work. More and more guys are declaring they're straight and do "gay for pay" strictly for the money. One actor's wife even accompanies him to the set.

So, I'm guessing that's the secrest behind all these Str8 Men sites like Broke Staight Boys. Though even one of the directors stated these guys use str8 porn and viagra to get boned up, I'm still thinking they're bi because once things get rolling their hard-on's never waver and they cum buckets. And most times they don't seem to have a problem at all in wrapping a hand around another guys cock, stroking it and playing with someone else's nuts, blowing loads together, and allowing the guys to shoot all over them. And a lot of times sucking on a cock seems to be done just as easily.

In my humble opinion, I find this a good thing! The more we hear about straight guys not being afraid to bond with another man in this manner, the better off we'll all be! It's just as natural to wrap your hand around a good, stiff prick next to you as it is to pump a fist up and down your own boner.

Along those lines, I've got an update for you all on a faithful reader's foray into hosting group jack-off. He actually emailed a couple weeks ago, but between getting ready for the trip, the trip itself, and getting things back to normal upon returning, I simply haven't had time to post about it. But, I shall bring you all up to date tomorrow. And I hope we continue to hear about this; it's encouraging for all.

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