Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

And the Winner is...


Yesterday's post of balls was in honor of BALL CHECK DAY. Extra points for adding a BUDDY to the mix.

He beat our beautiful CoreyJo to the punch with the correct answer (with extra points to boot!) by a mere 20 minutes! His prize...well, he'll have to be satisfied with the pictures I put up for CoreyJo placing second, because I have a fairly good idea what she likes in photos.

A kiss for getting the right answer!

Because I know how much she loves her Sailor!

And hot, sexy guys.

And guys wearing crosses for her Sunday Sermons.

The fruits of nature.

Of course, cock.

And she loves beautiful flowers

Sorry Anonymous, if I knew what you favored...if you drop me a line via email, or leave a comment, if I have what you like in my archive Monday will be for you!

If you are new to Big Whack Attack and still don't understand Buddy Ball Check Day, click the tag here and all will be explained...along with some yummy pics of course!

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