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Entertaining and Maintaining Our Prized Equipment

Well, I’ve been seeing lots of cock rings popping up. Maybe the pun is intended. These things sure can be fun. I’ve got a little selection of them myself; a nice snap-adjustable leather one (given to me by a former brother-in-law), two silicone, one rubber, and one silver metal. I wear them once in a while. One of the silicone and the metal one are actual cock rings – the type that fit around the base of the shaft and give a real boost to the rigidity of a hard-on. The rest of them include the balls. These are fun to wear because they can give a nice lift to the package when I wear my jeans. I love going out with these on and the appreciative looks I get from folks – men and women – when they notice the ample bulge. And what guy doesn’t like having his package noticed?

The thing that concerns me is the apparently more frequent use of the actual cock ring. While they add hardness to your pocket rocket – they can make a wooden tree trunk feel like a steel flag pole - and help you stay harder for a longer period of time, they’re not the best thing in the world for the health of your dick. They certainly do what they’ve designed to do, which is to restrict the flow of blood out of the cavernosa.

Pay attention to the way your cock works, guys. When we’ve boned up good and hard it doesn’t stay that way, it deflates just a tiny bit every so often. That is to permit a fresh supply of blood to the tissue to keep it healthy. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your dicks! Never keep a true cock ring in place for more than thirty minutes at a time, max (particularly a metal one).

And, when you use the type of ring that encircles your cock and balls make sure you have a proper fit. If you use one that is too small in circumference it too can cause damage. This is why manufacturers make them in different sizes. Measure your boner, balls and all, and buy the size that’s right for you. Too large and it’s useless; too small and it could knock your dick right out of commission. And we sure as hell don’t want that to happen, do we?
Silicone Cock Ring

Standard Metal Cock Ring

Hard Plastic Cock Ring

Standard Metal Cock Ring

Rubber Cock Ring - provides some flexibility.

Standard Metal Cock Ring

Triple Cock Ring: Total-Package, Cock, Balls

Metal Total-Package Ring
Total-Package Metal Cock RFing - thick
Metal Total-Package Cock Ring - Wide Band

Total-Package Metal Cock Ring

Metal Total-Package Ring - medium width

Snap-Adjustable Leather Cock Ring

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