Senin, 27 Februari 2012

And Speaking...

 ...of boners.

It would appear that most of us guys agree: The morning wood is our favorite of all the spontaneous hard-ons we get. There's just something about waking up with your cock really, really hard. These seem to be the biggest, hardest, and most sensitive of the (approximately) fifteen to twenty BOE's we develop in a 24-hour period. We love waking up to them and it appears a good percentage of us automatically wrap a hand around them and give 'em at least a few loving strokes before we get up out of bed.
Then, for some reason, we need to scratch the balls on the way to take that morning piss and shower. I'm not sure why this is, but I know from personal experience it's what I do. It's a combination of itching and separating the ball sac from my legs, I guess. And it feels really good! LOL.

Whatever your morning ritual, guys, enjoy that morning wood. Be thankful you wake up with your cock as hard as the wooden bedpost. And all you ladies out there, remember the men in your life (your sons included) should wake up more often than not with a raging hard-on. That boner is a very excellent barometer of his overall health. The higher it rises, the better.

Maybe you're the kind of guy who like to maintain it while you get your first cup of coffee...

Enjoy it whereever you take it!

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