Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

And the award goes to...

I've come to the conclusion I have the greatest bunch of readers in the blogosphere! The guy who I thought had misunderstood my post last week (Danger Will Robinson!) emailed me twice. The first time to tell me he understood what I was driving at but he was worried some of my readers would not. He wanted to make sure you all were perfectly clear on the subject. His second message was to tell me my follow-up was great (and he gave a nod of appreciation for the pics).

I think it's terrific when my readers show concern for one another. It furthers our community of brotherhood. Men helping men (and ladies!) to understand those all-important bits between the legs, to ensure the ability to enjoy them lasts a lifetime, to help one another learn new ways to keep them healthy and hard, and to derive as much enjoyment from them as possible.

I haven't handed out the Big Boner Hand Award in almost a year. But I think this guy deserves it. So, to you Dave!

And to all my readers out there...yes, you!

Big Boner Hand Award

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