Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Teaching Position

So, we’re sitting out on the patio when my niece says she’s in a quandary. It so happened her oldest son was out in the yard with some neighborhood kids when, out of the blue, he popped a very obvious hard-on. She told him to take it into the house and “maybe he better stop wearing sweatpants like that.” (sans underwear). Then her younger son pipes up and spills the beans that his older brother “has hair down there.” Add the fact she’s already witnessed them comparing – which I told her was normal; guys compare their own cocks to others all their lives.

My niece calls her ex to tell him it’s time for “the talk” and he says, “The only talk I’m going to have with him is to throw him a box of condoms.” No, no, no; not good. The kid needs to know what’s happening. He’s already been asking her why it’s hard every morning and she’s at least had the sense to tell him that is normal. But she can’t seem to go any further than that because he gets uncomfortable. He doesn’t like his doctor examining him either – he was born with hypospadia (the urethral opening is not at the end of the head, but on the underside of the shaft), had surgery to correct it when he was 2-years old, and his doctor keeps an eye on things. Smart doctor.

(Oh, you don't really want to see a photo of that, do you? Well, okay...)

I told her it’s not fair to the kid to leave him in the dark. We prepare our daughters for their puberty, but we ignore our sons' need for information. He needs to be prepared for his first wet dream, learn to keep it clean, to use Vit E oil, learn to jack off, and quit wearing anything below the waist when he goes to bed. Surprisingly enough, when I mentioned this last thing, even my sister (who’s a nurse) never heard that the penis can crack (read the post Bent Wood if you don't know about this). So, the information will flow from me.

Since the two boys share a bedroom, the younger one will be learning some things early. Just as I did in sharing a room with my older brother. But, that’s the way of life. Though I have no sons of my own, it is now time for me to practice what I preach. If I am successful, they will both grow up without any sense of shame about their cocks getting rip-roaring stiff, or learning how to use and enjoy them (alone or together).

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