Senin, 09 Januari 2012

New Year, Same Old-Time Religion Crap

A newspaper report on a man in Kingman, Arizona sentenced to 3 years probation and 150 hours of community service for skinny-dipping near Lake Havasu last summer baffles me. Of course, a police officer and his family were nearby, witnessed him standing knee-deep in the water, became “offended” and he was arrested.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone could be offended by the appendage of the male human body which is responsible for every single one of us being in existence. How can anyone use said appendage – or make use of one – and yet be offended by the sight?

What is it people find offensive about it? The people who seem to be the most verbal in voicing their displeasure over the naked body are religious folks; the ones who go to church and listen to the person in the pulpit tell them “man is made in His image.” Yet, when they see it, they are offended. (Then wouldn't it follow they are offended by the image of their God?) If these folks are so affronted by a naked man, why do they engage in sexual activity? That certainly requires said exposure.

A friend of mine whose daughter is a very vocal “born-again Christian” just became a grandmother for the first time – her unmarried son got his girlfriend pregnant (the young girl’s second child out of wedlock by the way and by a different man, of course). You would think the new grandmother would be appalled by this – but, nope; she couldn’t be more proud. This woman is constantly spouting her religious views and how horrible, how wicked and immoral it is to be having sex outside of marriage, for people to expose their naked bodies, and, of course, how gays are godless, evil creatures who don’t have the right to exist.

I can’t stand the hypocrisy of it, which is why I left organized religion years ago.

I fantasize that in Heaven – or whatever afterlife there is – everyone is butt-naked and all of the religious nut-cases are finally faced with the truth: The penis is [one of] the most miraculous creations in all of nature; beautiful in all its forms and nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by.

Might I hear an "Amen" brothers and sisters?

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