Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

A New Year

The day I left was the one-year anniversary of Big Whack Attack. Thanks to everyone who drops on by every day, for the comments, and the questions. It's nice to know the information I put out here is helpful in enriching the lives of men. We are brothers on this journey and we should be assisting and guiding one another; we should be showing one another respect and love.

Well anyway, I survived the flight home. I've spent almost the entire morning drinking coffee and catching up on everything that's happened in the blogosphere while I was gone.

Welcome to the new followers who joined me here in my absence. And thanks for all the messages and comments on the passing of my dad. As you may have read in past posts, we weren't very close. He wasn't at all forthcoming in dispensing information to his sons about what it means to be male and what we could expect and experience. I'd have to say it's one of the major reasons I started this blog. I wanted to provide a place for folks - men and women alike - to drop by and learn how to care properly for what hangs between a man's legs, what can go wrong with that equipment and what might be done about correcting it.

On the trip I had the displeasure of learning about yet another father who refuses to educate his sons as they've begun to enter puberty. I'll impart that story when I've had a chance to gather my thoughts. For now, suffice it to say, the teaching will fall to me. But I'm up for the job; I have no problem and no fear in explaining the mechanics of our cocks and balls.

In the meantime, I hope everyone looks forward to the new year with hope and inspiration. Guys, make time in your daily lives for some "me time" - spend time alone with your hard cock in your hand and give it the attention it needs. Ladies, make sure you allow the men in your lives - husbands, boyfriends, sons - the time they desire for their solo activities. It's important to a man's physical and mental well-being.

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