Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

World AIDS Day

I know other blogs are featuring this, but I have to contribute my two cents worth anyway. And I have to give a shout out to Corey Jo over at Corey’s Dark Corner for the poster.

Mutual jack off groups certainly didn’t get discovered after this horrible disease (a few had been around for a number of years already), but they sure as hell did flourish. Groups and clubs started springing up all over the United States after HIV/AIDS was found to spread through penetration sexual contact and given prominence in news cycles. This is also when condoms were brought out from behind pharmacy counters.

The term “safe sex” was coined and lo! and behold! a whole new group of men discovered the joys of mutual masturbation. Jacking off solo is still the safest type of release for us; mutual runs a very close second. As long as there is no means of those jets of jizz entering the blood stream, you and your buddy, or the group of guys, are quite safe.

That’s why I recommend this type of male bonding – well, of course, beside the fact that it’s awesome – and why I try to give you information that will enhance your jack off experience. And why, as lame as it may seem at times, I attempt to get the ladies out there to understand more about it and why we guys love doing it. It’s a big reason why I try to get all of you moms and dads out there to be more forthcoming with your sons about that wonderful recreational area between their legs. Teach them how to enjoy them safely, to take care of them properly.

Okay, the lecture is over (not that you needed one). Now, go on, grab your cock – or the one next to you – and have a good time!

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