Rabu, 23 November 2011

Men and Toys

We love our toys, don’t we boys? The cock rings, the vibrators, the prostate wands. But nothing seems to grab our attention (or our dicks) more than the masturbation sleeve. There’re hundreds to choose from. But not much in the way of a device that will allow us to lie back and let it do all the hard work on that hard-on.

I know I’ve mentioned my old AccuJac more than once through the posts. I’ve tried to explain what it looked like, but I always thought the description was lacking. Well, lo and behold! as I was surfing the web, I found a picture of one… In use!

I don’t think any company has been able to come up with anything even close to comparable. The AccuJac could be infinitely controlled –  how far it stroked up and down the shaft, the speed with which it slid – from like 0 to 60 and every point in between. You didn’t need to keep a hand on it either; it never slipped off the end of your cock. Then you could shove your hard-on as far into the sleeve (which you ordered to your own specific measurements) and, if you held it there steady [through any means], it sucked your dick like a Hoover.

They just don’t make toys for us boys like they used to, do they? I mean, sure, there’s the FleshJack and the Tenga, but you have to grab onto them and stroke them over your cock, or sandwich them between couch cushions or pillows or between the mattress and box springs to be able to thrust as if you were fucking. There are a variety of vacuum pumps, but they’re essentially the same; you do all the work. And for guys who don’t have easy access to that jack off bud, or fuck buddy it can get wearisome. They’d like to be able to lie back once in a while and just be…well, be serviced.

You’d think with today’s technologies some company could come up with a cost effective (read inexpensive, affordable - Funways has reintroduced the AccuJac as RoboJac, but at $600 they're very expensive) toy for men that would accomplish just that; something like the AccuJac that could jack a guy off without him lifting a finger, or make him feel like someone was down there and sucked that load of cum right out of him while all he had to do was lie back, put his hands up under his head, and enjoy it.

Until someone comes up with something cheaper, the best alternative for being able to lie back and relax while you get your rocks off is still another pair of hands.

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