Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011


“Comfortable in your own skin.” This is a line we hear a lot, particularly in reference to women, or sexual orientation. But there’s so much more to it than that, isn’t there?

Learning to be comfortable with our bodies is just as tough for us guys as it is for you ladies. You didn’t know that, did you gals? But it’s true. Witness the rapid increase in sales of men’s cosmetics, the “manscaping” we’ve all begun to do, the growth in male plastic surgery; all in the name of better body image, of chasing our idea of perfection.

We’re concerned about what we look like, whether it’s walking through the mall or on the beach, or in the locker room at the gym. We worry about the beer-belly, the love handles, and, of course, the size of our cocks (is it too thin, too thick, too short, not hard enough). Some of us even worry about the looks of our balls: Are they too small, too big, do they hang too low or not low enough.

My personal idea of perfection runs more toward the dancer, or swimmer. Most likely because I was a dancer at one time. But regardless of how toned and limber my body had been ‘back in the day’ I never thought I even came close to perfect; my eyes too small, my nose too big; my lips too thin, my ears large; my jaw nowhere near square enough.

But no matter if we ever achieve that ideal, youth fades. My once-lithe body has slipped and drooped; the love handles are bigger and impossible to get rid of now. I keep a good firm grip on what I can (yes, that for sure!), though.

The point here is this, guys: Don’t over-worry. Learn to be comfortable with yourself and you’ll find a whole new attitude on life. It’s such a freeing feeling. You’ll be able to walk through the locker room, or be in the gang shower, or sunbathe on that nude beach.

Don’t become obsessed with chasing perfection, because somewhere out there...

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