Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Got [More] Pre-Cum?

Yesterday’s post reminded me of a question thread on a forum a while back. The idea of pre-cum intrigues a lot of men (and ladies, too) and I know I’ve covered what it is and what it’s for (read the post). But the question this guy had is one I’ve heard talked about before; many times.

During the early portion of a seminar I attended, in preparation for everyone getting naked, the instructor stated: “Don’t be concerned if you see guys dicks dripping. It’s a natural process of the body. Some guys produce a little bit of pre-cum, some guys leak like faucets. It’s normal.”

Which, of course, got the group of guys to asking during the lunch break why the difference? Why do some of us go through life with dry boners while other guy’s cocks are doing an imitation of a lava flow? So, being the kind of guy I am, I had to start looking for an answer. And got a partial one; it’s kinda like getting a semi-hard-on when what you were really after was a full-blown boner. But, it’ll have to suffice until research catches up.

The short answer is this: apparently, our Cowpers glands produce the bulk of pre-cum during the arousal period, prior to an erection. Once our rods reach that rigid steel hardness we all love so much the flow ebbs. Having that semi is better for us than first impressions have us believe. Because leaking all that pre-jizz helps to make our staff’s slick for easier penetration, or for more slippery, smoother stroking.

It would appear (I don’t know – did a bunch of guys jack off during a CAT scan for researchers? How come I wasn’t invited to participate? Or to at least observe??), when our dicks are soft the urethra is round to allow a better flow of piss when we take a leak.

When the cavernosa fill with blood, causing those raging hard boners, the urethra gets squeezed into more of a slit. This could also be a cause of the flow [of pre-cum] slowing down.

So, the next time you kick back, placing pecker in hand (or someone else’s hand), for a nice long jack-off session, don’t be in such a hurry to get rock hard. Let it simmer for a while, go with the flow and enjoy the juices of your labor. You just might find you’ve got more lube in your tube than you thought.

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