Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Extended Ball Check

OK - Listen up, guys!

In Friday’s Ball Check post I used a photo of a guy stretched out on the bed, cupping his balls with one hand. The other hand is giving his left tit a gentle squeeze. And that made me think about a topic I’ve never covered before.

Beside the fact that men’s pecs and nipples are as sensitive as those on you ladies out there and we can enjoy ours – you did know that, guys; you did, didn’t you?? – there is something else we have in common with the ‘fairer sex.’ Breast cancer.

Yes, indeed, men! We are subject to the disease as well. The rash of events and advertising and shit that is going on right now (well, seemingly, never stops) about bringing awareness (and raising money for research) to breast cancer made me start doing some research of my own.

Did you know that more than 1200 men (in the U.S. alone) are diagnosed and over 400 die each year from breast cancer? Shocking, ain’t it?

The reason that many die is because, just as we put off getting our nuts and peckers checked when something is wrong, they don’t seek medical attention soon enough.

Even more shocking is a report I discovered on MSNBC from back in early August. Men have been denied coverage for treatment of the disease by their insurance companies, by Medicaid and Medicare, because…wait for it…wait for it…they’re men!

This just goes to show you how biased, bigoted, and ignorant we all are about the male body.

So, from now on, guys, when I post the reminders about Buddy Ball Check Day, I’m including a reminder to check your pecs as well. Do a Breast Self Exam. Search for lumps or hard spots – just as you do for your nuts. You might enlist the help of a female friend or relative who’s familiar with the procedure to do the exam for you. If your tits ever feel sore – not from bench presses or working out, or from manual labor – if they begin to leak, do a self exam, it could be a sign of male breast cancer. If anything feels out of sorts: Call your doctor ASAP.

 Even if it's whilst playing your favorite tune on your favorite organ, take a tip from this guy:
Give the old pecs a decent squeeze!

But even though this is a few days past Buddy Ball Check, consider this your October reminder. Next month, check your tits before you move on down to those balls. I’ll encourage you to make a game out of it and enjoy yourself along the way if that’s what it takes to get you to do it.

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