Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Back From Lunch

Well, I’m back and rested up from a long, long flight home. Delay’s, delays, delays. It was a nice trip. Got to see some family members I hadn’t seen in quite a few years and a family member’s member I haven’t seen in a few decades.

Yep, that teenage jack-off bud, commonly known as my older brother. Because so many folks had made the trek for my dad’s birthday, my brother and I were camped out in my sister’s living room on a couple of air mattresses. We’ve never been shy in front of each other – not since the night, when we were kids, I flipped on the light to see him emptying his man-berries all over himself. The next day he began my education in the enjoyment of cock; mine as well as others.

Anyway, the first night there, with my sister already in bed we started shedding our clothes for bed. I, of course, stripped down to bare skin. He on the other hand stopped at his briefs. Surprised, I had to ask when he’d begun wearing anything to sleep in. And, of course, my lecture started.

I had hoped I’d get a chance to see that monster cock of his standing at full attention in all its 10-inch glory. Sadly, since his prostate surgery, he can’t get a hard-on; not even a slight chub. So I had to eat my words and apologize. There would be no revisiting of our teenage mutual cock-stroking.

‘Course, I didn’t let that stop me. Even when I’m visiting friends or relatives I do not, or cannot, stop myself from whacking off. Especially on a trip this long. I went for it. Furtively at first. I went about it as slowly and quietly as I could. The next day, when chance had us sitting by the pool alone, he told me he knew I’d jacked off the night before and I didn’t have to worry about hiding it from him. I told him I felt bad he wouldn’t be able to join in. He told me he could still empty his balls when they got really achy. It’s not easy and takes him a long time. His cock will “sort of” get stiff and he’s got to squeeze the base of the shaft with one hand to retain any semblance of a hard-on, while he strokes with the other. And when he unloads his nuts (which are huge, by the way) it’s pretty much just a small dribble of jizz. I suggested he get a pump and some cock rings. He said his sex therapist told him to get them and actually showed him how to use them, but his wife didn’t like the idea… The poor guy. He’s never been able to make her understand how important it is for men to maintain the ability – by almost any means – to blow a load. Makes me appreciate my own wife that much more.

That night, and whenever my pecker popped its head up during the rest of the trip, I went for it. He’d prop himself up on an elbow to watch. I’d blast my load, slowly stroke my wilting willy and massage my nuts for a few minutes, then clean up and we’d lie down and go to sleep.
The only other disappointment of the trip was not finding the opportunity to hit the beach and skinny-dip in the warm waters of the Gulf. But, c’est la vie. It was a good trip overall and I practiced what I preach to you all: Stroke that stiffy and get those hands sticky.

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